Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wanted: a magician who understands the viridarium

This is Sia. She is in search of a sacred home. I dug her up because she was being chocked out by Mexican Petunias and was dying. To preserve her spirit, I dug her up and consecrated her to the stewardship of the Green Man. I actually had to dig up two of her kind and cannot keep this one. Yes, I had to choose and Sia volunteered to be the one to be put out there to search for a magician's home. She would prefer to go to someone who understands the heart and soul of plants. We have agreed upon the price of $175.00 shipping and handling included. She is very large: about 7 inches in diameter. Please contact me for an interview if you wish to  bring her into your magic life.  Sia is a romantic soul of both thorn and blossom. Until a proper home is obtained for her, she will be treated as one of my own. This particular alraun is literally the heart of a very mature Lantana and if you have Mexican Petunias on your grounds,  you need not apply as she will have major issues with that. If you are interested in being her companion and care taker, please contact me via email and we will set up and interview over the phone.
Mrs. Oddly