Monday, January 23, 2012

The 29th

From the Book of Crooked Shadows

Hekate stepped into my life long before the interwebs had information really available to me about Her. So many of my rituals and 'knowings' of Her came from Her. This is one of those workings that has helped me over the years hear Her. It was drafted on the idea that on the 29th of every month there would be an offering to Her that spooked out the generally Roman population, so they stayed off of the crossroads to avoid the 'evil weirdnesses.'

From this piece sprang other pieces that are based upon the list of epithets referring to Her. I explored each one in turn to help me understand how best to honor and work with Her. At that time, much of what was spoken about her was done with a sense of dread and loathing. . . twisted propaganda put out by fearful people wishing to seize power for themselves to later struggle amongst themselves for more of that same power. I have always found it interesting that fear and the desire for power often times run together unchecked hand in hand stomping through the tulips. ( mostly because they have been blinded by their fear that the tulips remain unseen.) 

This process taught me that sometimes that, which is masked in fear, is a source of great personal power and transformation. But you first have to look that mask through the sockets of it's eyes and see what is beyond it's appearance. The 29th is coming up and I will be lighting that black candle, as I have been for years, and listening very carefully. New things are coming, worn things are leaving, and old things are resurrecting themselves. Maybe She'll show me which door needs opening.

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  1. Nalaya - that you would share this from your BOS is truly a blessing.

    Truly amazing what the Deities will reveal to us if we are open to them.

    Light and Love