Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A vacation: in which I find a rusty nail!

I had a very busy spring vacation in which mostly I stayed at home with the kids and did some personal work. We did however get out to the Air Show at Luke AF Base. It was little man's first official trip, I say official because  the last time he was there, he was still all curled up cozy in mommy. He sure does remember the sound though. He has always been fascinated by the sound of jets. His first comment upon hearing them in person: Wow! That's loud!

As you can imagine, it was a very early morning sprinting out the door so we don't get stuck in traffic and waiting for hours in line. Of course, I had a very late night the night before ( thank you insomnia.) I was amongst the walking dead ( put the shot gun away) but I went anyway. My attention however was not really on the planes and hardware. My focus was drawn toward the persistence of earth. Everywhere I looked at the airfield, there was a rather large knoll of grass pushing it's way through the asphalt. They were large enough and plentiful enough that when it was show time all I had to do was sit on a cushion of grass on the asphalt. There were many spaces to choose from.

As I sat there in my tired stupor I could feel my eyes shift in and out of soft gazing focus in which I usually see the silvery slip of auras. That's as far as I usually get, but as I sat there I began to see motion within them as though  the auras were breathing. I noticed it first in the grass knolls. It progressed into bluish colors as and a pair of young Air Force personnel I saw yellow around them, with the exception of the couple pushing a stroller: they were a bright rosey pink! As I looked around me, there was a whole field of people and flashing, dancing colors! The thing that really caught my attention was most of the military personnel were a bright yellow. I felt at the time that was connected to the confidence instilled into them at training and associated with the solar-plexis chakra.

I did watch the aircraft as they boomed by me, it was impossible not to as the ground vibrated with their passing. Everything vibrated. We stayed and watched for a few hours until the little man got very cranky and decided to leave. Upon leaving the asphalt and hitting the concrete tarmac I spied something: a very large rusty nail: a potent tool indeed and a lovely parting gift from the earth!

Iron nails have a long history of magic use including warding sickness and potential danger. Here is a very well researched and written essay on the subject by Martin Duffy at Threehand Press if you want to learn more: Concerning the Use and Symbolism of Nails. I picked  up my gift and brought it home. I know that there will be a use for it later down the line. Nails not only have a magic use in them, its power also resides in where you find them. Most of my nails of late have come from shopping malls and construction sites, this one came from a very active military base, it even got an interesting number assignment by my phone. I'll be reserving that one!


  1. What a great find! and of course I'm curious about the number assignment but wanted to thank you for sharing the link, I didn't realize they had such symbolism.

  2. Nice post and good read. Wow, love the nail and looks vintage to boot!

  3. Hee hee. . . all of this came on the heels of a conversation with another witch about Aries and protection magics! I was rather excited at my find!