Monday, March 7, 2011

Invisible Enemies

A friend of mine asked an interesting question this weekend: do you fight invisible enemies? My answer was yes and I think that deserves further examination as to why I answered as such. Let me qualify the invisible enemy I am talking about. I am not talking about imaginary enemies as bred by paranoia and imbalance. I am speaking of enemies that do not necessarily live here on this plane of existence.

I am going to get pretty personal about this as to draw a clear picture for you.  Not too long ago i discovered that I was not being a paranoid ninny about something I had kept feeling trying to attach to me from my mother's line. I kept getting a nagging feeling through my childhood that something had attached itself to my mother and was causing her life to be very difficult. I just never knew what to do about it and I oscillated between trying to write it off as I was losing my mind to taking it seriously. Upon talking to my elders about this phenomenon, I discovered that it was in fact a real possibility. In fact they had a name for it: riders. Something had indeed piggy backed itself on to my mother's line and was looking for a new host.

I went into faery to talk to one of my guides about this and he had VERY specific information for me. This was not a dis- incarnate non human being. This, in fact, was a person in my family line who had created an energetic resonance of herself that has been following the maternal line for over a hundred years and creating havoc in our family ever since! The woman was born in 1905. She later in life was jilted at the altar and then committed suicide, but before she committed suicide she laid a curse. A curse that trapped her and my family in a deadlock series of tragedy and misfortune. I later took this information and did my own research on this person and then discovered that this person also had a name sake! This name sake was very much responsible for much of my mother's childhood traumas and in turn responsible for how I was raised. Something had to be done. This could not continue. This cycle had to stop. I was NOT going to let this person continue on her merry destructive path.

I went back into Faery and spoke to my guide again about what needed to be done. He told me that a cord severing was necessary and a bonus would be to send the spirit back through the gates to recycle and find peace. Now to get to the cord was a little harder than I had anticipated. She most certainly was not going to go quietly. She had been existing like this for over one hundred years and was quite content with her revenge. I found tools I didn't know I had during this session and finally made my way to the cord and severed it. I called the gate and pushed her through like children pushing that old witch into the oven in Hansel and Gretel!

My Mother is much happier now in recent years and I hope that my ancestor is now resting in blissful peace.

So when I am asked if I fight invisible enemies. . . my answer is YES! Those particular brands of invisible enemies have a real impact on our incarnated lives here and should be dealt with by qualified persons. In my line, on my Mother's side I am the first witch since that rider. I will not have that rider passed down to my children. Therefore, it is my responsibility and duty as a parent to handle it.


  1. This can be a difficult task if someone is unfamiliar with 'tag-a-longs' (and no, not the cookie!). Thanks for posting. Good information!

  2. Wow. That is a powerful story. Thanks for sharing. I believe in tag-a-longs. I am so glad that you were able to push her through the gate. I would love to know more about cord severing.