Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring give away!!!!

Next week will be vacation time for the witchlings and they will be sort of running the show ( I say sort of because I know that the house will be about 20 decibles louder and my concentration will be out the window!) I plan on being on vacation with them and getting out and about with them so I will not have my regular postings up next week, but I will have the sacred bath and mudra of the month up! See not a total loss ;) I will also be checking my etsy and email may be twitter too as it is easy to do on my mobile ( Thank you honey for the iPhone. You were right.)

With the Ostara season upon us I have been feeling generous! In honor of Spring I am giving away a magic mirror blessed during Brigid and a pair of star shaped scrubbies! This will be a draw from a hat/ fates decision on who the winner is! I will be collecting submissions until the 19th of this month. To enter your name in the hat just email me ( your name and on the 21st I will be making the announcement as to who the lucky winner is! Good luck and Happy Ostara!


  1. Thank you! It will be good to just be able to hang out with the kids!