Monday, March 28, 2011

I solemnly swear I am up to no good.

I stepped on it. It was already broken and it was rather annoying that it hurt so much for a little bugger! I started to stomp  off in a huff toward the circular file with the broken soldier in hand. . . it was gonna go see   toy pearly gates then I heard something in the back of my mind that sounded an awful lot like James Earl Jones: "Hold your horses there girlie pants! That is an amazing tool of healing in your hands. Look closer!" So, I stopped in my tracks. Mostly because when I hear that voice I start looking around for Darth Vader. We are talking about a mom whose three year old hums the Imperial March anytime we are out shopping! Yea shopping with Darth Vader, but  I digress.

I took a good look at this piece of annoyance that poked at my foot. I thought about it and agreed. This beloved toy has been in many a fire fight in my son's theater of battles with storm troopers and dinosaurs and has diligently served the Army of Little Dude. This broken toy soldier is not unlike the real deal. It is broken with little hope of the people who sent them off to battle helping them with their healing process when they come home. Look at how our soldiers' healing processes have been hampered in the past by their own government. I'm not just saying that they have been neglected. . . I am saying that our government placed roadblocks to their healing process by denying that certain conditions were caused by the government's willingness to use our men and women in the military as guinea pigs or denying that said condition was a result of certain actions: one example agent orange. . . another gulf syndrome. 

Whether these things are a result of classified actions, unknown factors, accidents or result of warfare is irrelevant. Our soldiers wrote out a check up to and including their lives to serve and defend the constitution and it is up to our government to make sure that they get the healing they require when they come home. They have families who love them and need them to be whole.

What am I up to? Well, I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good. Actually, on the 21st of June I will be performing a ritual to help make sure our wounded warriors get the healing they need. In this ritual I will be reading a list of names, written in my own hand, aloud in the presence of Krom and asking him to help our men and women in the military who are in need of healing services get those services. I need your help in name gathering. If you know a wounded warrior or know someone who knows someone's uncle who knows someone. . . just kidding, but you get the idea. Submit their names via comment or email, by the 19th of June, which ever way you feel comfortable. If you are out of the country of the United States, add your warriors too. I am sure that this is an international problem.

In return, I will be putting your name into a hat to receive a bottle of Oleum of Isolde ( a healer's aid and ritual healing oil.) I will announce the winner of this prize on the 22 of June. 

What? Did Mrs. Oddly just bribe you??? She sure did!

Good Hunting!

Mischief managed!

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