Thursday, February 24, 2011

Strewing the floors.

From cavalcades to ticker tape parades the art of strewing is well and alive. Strewing is a means of sanctifying a place whether it be a somber offering to those who go off to battle or the floors of your hearth and home. Herbs, flowers, leaves and magic powders would be tossed on the ground before the  procession to offer blessings of protection or celebration of a job well done.

My children are always excited by strew days in my home. Just like fear, they smell it coming. The herbs and essential oils come out and they anxiously wait for the mix to be ready so they can help me. It's really the only time when I don't get upset with them for throwing stuff on the floors. The strew changes as the needs of my hearth and home shift and so does the length of time that the strew sits. Most of the time I leave it on the floor for about and hour and vacuum it up after the kids have had their fill of running and shuffling through it with glee. Other time in preparation for a sabat or other magics it can sit for a few days after the ritual before the vacuum has it's say.

When I leave a strew on the floor for an extended period it gets added to periodically. I leave it in honor of the divinities and spirits I am working with to see the magic off in a good way and 'set' it. My cue to break out with the vacuum in these cases is usually indicated through my dream work. Something will signal to me that the working or ritual has been accepted and then it is time to clean up and leave any final offering of thanks.

The first thing you should understand about your strew, is to understand the materials you are working with and have a clear goal in mind. (Always use a glass or wood bowl to mix your strew. Metal changes properties of the essential oils and herbs.) Clearing the house after tough times? Salt and baking soda make a great base. You can add a few drops of essential oils such as rosemary and eucalyptus to aid in the clearing process. Or, if you need to lift up the household spirits a boost of tea tree and peppermint are perfect. Hate using powders on your floor? No problem: herbs vacuum up great without making your vacuum demand filter cleaning. The very best thing you can do for yourself, if you are endeavoring to make your own strews, is to get your hands on a great magical herbal and essential oil book (if you intend to use essential oils.) You will have no shortage of ideas that fit your needs.

Since Oscar night is a huge event in my house, I am posting my Oscar strew. Good luck to all nominees!

rose petals 2 pts (For the love of the art)
pomagranate leaves 1 pt ( for good luck and wishes)
powdered aloe vera 1/2 pt ( prevention of accidents)
rosemary 1 pt ( celebrations like this can be exhausting . . . mental stamina!)
calendula 1/2 pt ( for happy dreams afterward!)

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