Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Keep calm and you matter.

We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better.
- J.K. Rowling

Literally, the other side of the world from me is on fire. I read all the articles I can get my hands upon. I have watched every video I can bear to watch and my heart is still strong. It is strong because I know something. I know the power of the human spirit can not be restrained for very long under the fist of tyranny. It will find a way to wriggle free and rebel. Knees become weary of being scraped and battered and eventually the people will rise to their feet and live like that no more; death becomes preferable. It is the wilderness still left in humanity that rises to the surface with a howling rage, it is unstoppable.
While I wish these changes in the middle east could be accomplished without bloodshed, it is the desperation of despots to cling to power that has made the streets ring with weaponry and run with the life waters of humanity. I can hear the moon cry as, she too, bears witness to this terrible scene. She brings me the news this morning as she clings to the sky knowing that she will soon sink below the horizon and dip into the scene again. Bearing witness to events like this is most terrible knowing that half a world away there is nothing I can say, nothing I can do, nothing I can give that will stop the insanity. So, forward in my own life I must press.
I have been observing the reactions of people around me and on the web. I have seen everything from outrage to ignorance. I think the most alarming thing that I have seen is from a few of those whom I am assuming are in their teens: out flat despair to the point where they feel as though they don't matter. How could they matter? How could their problems matter when someone else their age probably with similar interests and problems may lose their lives this day? The answer to that is you do matter. 
While the initial reaction to these events in world is helplessness, outrage and despair, that is exactly the frequency that we must shift. While the other side of the world is coming unglued, those of us who are not entwined in it must remain calm and focused on keeping a strong and peaceful mind. It is the key to knowing the right thing to do for the right reason in any crisis. Those in power right now who are perpetuating these events are going to rely on the fact that we have lost our balance and will be easily deceived - and they will try. It is as important that we press forward in our lives and continue to live as it is to carefully observe and learn from the events of the world. 
You matter because you have the ability to stop and send healing and peaceful energy to the other half of the world. Do not sink into despair. Light a candle, calm and focus your mind imagine a better world and send the other half of the world peaceful and healing thoughts. You do matter. You are the only one who can perform this service because you are NOT being fired upon and you are not inflicted with the immediate threat to your life. Gods forbid, that should this side of the world go insane as the other half has, I would hope that they would perform the same energetic service for us.
Yes, be aware of what is unfolding before you, but live your life, be at peace, send that peace out as a soothing balm to help bring strength to the people in harm's way. Let them find the right action, for the right reason; trust that they will. The work they must do is indeed terrible, but we all have the power to imagine a better place for all on this planet.


  1. Very well put! Collective energy is a very powerful thing. I wish more people would realize this and send out love and positivity during these hard times instead of negativity and despair. Your blog is beautiful, by the way. You ave a new follower. Blessings!

  2. Thank you sweets. I am glad you enjoyed my little space on the web. i am glad to have you here.