Thursday, February 10, 2011

Plugged and leaky!

I just got done unplugging my bathroom sink. I dumped  the baking soda and vinegar and watched it fizz poured the hot water and still no go. So plunger it was. I was expecting to see my hair in long gross tangled knots ( ew.) That's not what I got. I got clumps of black goo that reminded me of that stuff right out of Spiderman 3. Not a strand of my hair came up. . . and I have hair. . . very long hair.

 I realized that in the last month this is the fourth water issue I have had in my home. Leaky faucets (2), chipping grout in the shower now this. So I thought about what it points to. Being water it would have to do with emotions and the psychic phenomenon. Again, I thought about myself: what is it that I am repressing emotionally that is leaking leaking and plugging up the works? I have been working really hard these last few years to be honest to myself emotionally and deal with them as they come so I was a little distressed that I had been failing miserably. That's when spirit stepped in with a knock on the head and asked: why is everything about you? You live in this house with four other people. Other Oddlys quickly came to mind.

So, what do you do when a member of your house hold is repressing their emotions to the point that they are unleashing unholy havoc on your house? CLEAN! Not just the clutter an the dust either. You break out with the heavy duty four thieves, the sage and lemon! You strew the floors with salt and clearing herbs and do a final wash with rose water! And don't forget to do all of the drains ( showers and toilets) with baking soda, vinegar then hot water. The final drain  treatment would be lemon juice squeezed in to sit for a bit before you flush it down. If you have an aromatherapy burner, eucalyptus and rosemary are perfect essential oils to be using as they are known to energetically mop the house up of any remaining negative energy.

So off I go to do some serious cleaning! Then later, gently poke at my Oddlys to see what the heck is going on!


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  2. Leaky faucets is always incorporated with life. And though sentimental and deep in thinking as one may be, plumbing problems are physical problems we really have to address. By the way, I like that you're using all natural products in cleaning your bathroom and unclogging the drains. I've heard of the lemon and the vinegar solution, but I can see that you can add in some homemade remedies to it. Thank you! Darryl Iorio

    1. LIfe and leaky faucets. . . yup gotta love it right. ;)