Friday, February 18, 2011

I can feel it in my bones.
As usual my morning drive to my daughter's school includes listening to local news talk radio just so  I can sort of get a heads up as to what is going on in the world around me and look stuff up later. This morning was an interesting little blurb about how some people can feel the weather shift in their bones. The scientific explanation  appears to be that as the air becomes more or less dense the joints and sinuses expand and contract in kind allowing the observant  person to feel the weather. I have a similar experience with the presence of divinity.

I was reminded of this experience sharply after someone I am speaking to was inquiring into something I mentioned to him about my celebration of Hecate's Moon, or as I refer to it the 29th. On the 29 I go nowhere in the evening, my friends know better than to call unless blood has been spilled or someone's dying and I perform my own made ritual in her honor. I created this ritual many years ago before much of the information that is out there was available. I have no idea how much of this is backed up by real academia, as I have not taken the time yet to sift through the new information. I know my research into it was back door-ish through quotes from Roman times of how they didn't go to the crossroads on the 29th because of strange things happening and from there I took my shamanic behind to task. I wanted to know why. My journey into celebrating Hecate's Moon began 10 years ago.

I knew something was very different from the get go. I found myself in meditation calling her name on a fog surrounded triple crossroad in the middle of what looked like dirt road. There was a pillar with three faces and outside, in reality, every dog in the neighborhood set to baying. It was literally hair raising. I felt a clawish boney hand on my shoulder at that point turn me to face Her and She asked me why I had come. I had been working with her for a while before this first shamanic journey to meet her. I recognized the presence of Her as being the one and the same who had pushed me into Her cauldron in my dreams. Those were a bit frightening. My body had a distinct reaction: literally every nerve was electrifyingly alive, my arm hairs stood on end and there was a hum in my ears accompanied with a physical sensation that 10 years later I still have trouble putting to words. To this day when She shows up, I have that physical reaction. Sometimes Her presence is actually accompanied by dogs baying in the neighborhood.

Now, these are my experiences and there is nothing in my experience that, as far as I can tell, backed up with real academia. . . yet, as I have not sifted through the new material. Maybe there is now and that would be amazing to me! However when it comes to the actual presence of divinity ( unlike my purist tendencies with oils and herbs) for me: the proof is in the pudding. I have learned to trust my bones.

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