Friday, August 9, 2013

My friend, Stinky!

She arrived last week and was unveiled to the ooo's and aww's of a gaggle of magic people who happened to be here when the mail man rang the door. She ( I'm not sure if the beastie was a he or she, but I keep leaning toward she. Eh hem. . . sorry I digress) - she is sweeter than the photo revealed and a pristine example of loving hands tending her postmortem. I was asked why a skunk skull?? Honestly, I have had skunk encounters all my life. Never once sprayed and each time either individuals or, at one time, Mama and all her little skunklings in tow. . . yes, they walk in a line right behind mom.

My most recent encounter happened right before my quiet little magic hidey hole was sealed off to everyone. I was sitting watching the water lap the rivers edge and a rustle in the grasses caught my attention. The biggest skunk in the entire freaking world strode out like he just lost his patience with me for not asking him to join in the quarter calls! I know right? How dare I be so rude?! He paced up to me sitting there, absolutely entranced with his presence and paused to look me over a few more times. He snorted and went on his way, then so did I.

I never shook that encounter. It still makes me smile. I really didn't know how much I wanted a skunk skull until I saw this sweet one. I was more interested in seeing if I could get a hold of a corvid skull for my Hecate altar. As it turns out I may have more in common with this little one than I thought. They tend to be very independent and make interesting choices as to who they will spray and who they will stride up and nuzzle. Oh yes, this has indeed happened. I woke once on a camping trip with a skunk curled up with me. Really it was fine, no one got sprayed and the skunk stayed warm. It seems they have this sixth sense about who is friend and foe. I'm sure owl people and skunk people are not friends at all, but skunk usually has no qualms with anyone unless they get all trash mouthy. Maybe it's because skunk people have no issues with making a stink over outrageous behavior. In fact, you could say they are famous for it.

I think that skunk medicine certainly has a place on my Hecate altar. If you look at the energies of the skunk familiar/totem it is self apparent. I also think it is interesting that both of us know how to make a stink. . . no really! Skunks may repel people because of their smell, however they are rumored to be highly charismatic. And yes, the obvious comparison is that I do not suffer fools well, but the less obvious comparison is the aromatherapy obsession. . . I guess that makes me stinky too.

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