Wednesday, August 14, 2013

HEXEN! ( almost as good as screaming fart!)

Many years ago there was a moment when a friend and I were going though witchy books I have in my library. One of them happened to be a Valerie Worth book with some pretty hefty zingers. Well, she had dropped her jaw at one point and asked me when the heck is ok do to this??? She thrust the orange book upon me and upon page 85 there was in bold letters: a charm to waste another's wealth. I didn't have an answer for her then. I didn't have an answer for myself and I didn't for quite some time.

I am a much older witch now. And now I have an answer that I think worthy of sharing as to why we would wither away the wealth of another. When man makes rules that protect them from reprisal for their own evil deeds against humanity. When justice becomes a farce, and the sheep dogs feast on mutton, we retaliate in this manner. It is why we are here. "Coincidentally" many of these things zoom their way to either our attention or straight into our personal cauldrons and leave a big fat stinky mess when all we want to do is take a bath and be left alone. It's why I refer to us ( witches, shamans, magicians, wizards, warlocks, conjurers. . .) as agents of balance.

Money is not power. Knowledge is. The only power money has is the power of acquisition. This is often times mistaken as power especially by those whose only power is through their money. Remove this, and they are helpless and can no longer abuse their position and inflict themselves upon humanity. There are reasons to remove someone from power like this. People who play the good ol' boy and mean girl games and use the might of the law to get away with it. . . yeah hello, hexy poo to you.

As a witch who is surrounded by Catholics and Christians, I have recovered from my allergic reaction to the bible and started to use it against those who present themselves as my foes. . . after all most of them understand that language. Of course, what the hex is a poppet maker gonna curse with other than a poppet???? ( I think if I told you how much hotfoot I used in that bi-atch you would cringe as much as anyone who said dropped bowling ball on foot.)

Clearly, this working is not the one on page 85. But as I went through my own witchy career, I have found that there are other witches who also feel in this manner. . . in fact, it goes all the way back to The Gospel of the Witches written in the way back when, when they understood that thing the Bene Gesserit say:

Rules build up fortifications behind which small minds create satrapies. A perilous state of affairs in the best of times, disastrous during crises.

The only way to get around this??? Call down the Lightning!


  1. I honestly could not agree more with this if I tried. I have felt for a great long time that there is an imbalance in the Craft (or Art or magick, et al) that is fueled by the refusal to BRING balance. Thank you for saying this much more eloquently that I have been trying to put out there for awhile.

  2. I think it's a hard thing to come to terms with. Power is a great responsibility. You have to make decisions that require you to step away from your ego. You have to decide whether staying your hand or delivering wrath is the right thing for the right reason. All of those things are not for the squeemish or feint of heart. Taking on the mantle of an agent of balance is a frightening prospect because you can be your own worst enemy.

  3. Hi. I'm finding this while researching magic. I have been researching for a little bit/practicing my faith but I would like to begin researching magic. Google is... rather unhelpful. Do you have any beginning sources you could recommend?