Friday, August 16, 2013

Flying monkeys spotted over school offices everywhere!

Oh my dear Oddlings,
I have to do a terrible thing.

I must share with you a string of connections that made me cringe.

We all know that I have been labeled a combative parent because I will not allow the adults in the school to bully me into compliance with what ever inane plan they come up with. With my eldest he was too much a handful to control in the classroom environment ( for teachers with no ability to hold authority.) In other words they do not know how to discipline effectively and when we at home disciplined him for stealing from a store, the school called CPS on us for child abuse. The only thing that saved us was the fact that our,  then,  6 year old son could not keep his lies straight. At one point in time the police pulled my son from the school property to question him with out my permission. I only found out because he was not on the school bus. When I called the principal in hysterics to find out what the hexes happened to my son, he raged and screamed at me that it was HIS job to make sure my child was safe.

My son was a real lightning rod when it came to authority figures and their abuse of the system and even violations of the constitution over the next school years and they sure as heck made sure that he continued to not learn. Yes. . . those IEP's waste of time and breath and most heinously a waste of paper. He would not have graduated high school if I had not sent him to his Grandparents and removed him from this system. In reality, that is both his and the system's fault. I fault the system because they said things like: ( "don't worry about making him do home work. . . preserve the relationship. ") WTF???! No! Don't teach him that it's ok to not do the work and not do it well! ( btw this is one of the reasons I have been labeled combative. I argue about how to raise my kids when they make insane suggestions as the previous statement.)Well apparently, I am a dumb ass combative parent who does not know thing one about anything since I can't submit to their authority.

After the CPS disaster with the school, we opted for a charter school, who also had trouble getting my son to heel. I had trouble getting my son to heel after he figured out that he could play the school against the parents! What came next was every minorities nightmare. My son would get into the car sobbing and he wouldn't tell me why. When he finally did he told me that the teachers were talking about Harry Potter and how witches weren't real. This lead to me being outed as a witch. He stood up and said: That's not true! My Mom is a witch! And she's real!

well fuck!

He revealed to me how the other kids were picking on him and no one would do anything about it. I asked the school about this and they denied knowing anything about it. Which was interesting since it was a small one room class setting with very little possibility of not over hearing a bunch of children being bullies. Needless to say after a big fat fight I withdrew my son from that school and into another public school in the district were had moved to.

I made certain at that point to inform the school that they had a pagan child. I went to WitchVox's section for said suggestions and followed them. BTW not a good idea. Word gets around. The grapevine is merciless and back shooters abound. It's like from that point on I opened myself and my children to a silent sort of bigotry that led to low level emotional hostility. No one bothered to hear anything other than witch and non compliant and combative parent. It's like Pass Down notes from the previous security shift that I can't prove exist, but they're being used against me. There has been so much bad faith and plain horrendous customer service at the school office that it's enraging. I can't accomplish a simple task with out consuming behemoth amounts of time for them to get around to helping me. And when you will no longer take their mean girl bullying and moral lectures of how holy a place a school is and how grand their position is they bring down the might of the law. It doesn't even have to be an accurate accounting of events, as they have so aptly displayed by their accounting of what happened. I think someone is a liar and afraid.

So here I am today, thirteen years later still not taking their crap, and pretty much having the same sort of fights. Nothing has changed. Nothing is better. In fact it's worse! And I have 11 more years of this crap to go!

Arizona School districts, if your budget hadn't been  raided by Sheriff Joe's show dog routine yet, might I suggest you get some serious attention on how better to service you customers. Other states are talking to giants like Disney. No really. . . you need to do something. . .  Just because you are in admin does not mean you are not in customer service. Any time you engage a customer from behind a desk, that means customer service and I have had better service at one of the dirtiest Walmarts in town than at most school offices that I have had to stand before in the last 13 years!

And now the scary connection I promised you. I am certain that it is not just parents who are fed up with the adult bullies in schools. I am certain they are the reason our children become non compliant and refuse to learn. They seem to have completely rejected the whole kit and caboodle and want nothing to do with anyone who enforces such inane policies. I can't say that after everything I have experienced at the hands of 4 different schools, 3 different districts, and through all three children, I blame anyone for becoming non compliant in the eyes of this kind of "authority".  Here's the horror: 15 year old denied heart because he has bad grades and is non compliant. They have changed their minds about that, but only after a raucous noise was raised. That's racism of a new breed.

I do believe that is called eugenics.

So, you'll give someone like Dick Cheney ( who eats kittens) a brand spanking new borrowed heart, and not a 15 year old who has a whole world ahead of him because he's not compliant??? What other essential things are going to be denied due to 'non compliant' behavior?

Here's some food for thought: If you don't want your authority challenged, you have no place being in authority. Ever.

Customer service so bad they actually have to take classes on how to do it right!

ARS 13 2911 (and relevant passages)

Articles of admistrative abuses:


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  1. I went to a small backwoods school. There were only 32 of us in our entire graduating class.It was a K-12 so my parents got several years of this sort of bs. They were labeled combative parents too, and thank the goddess for that.We were outsiders and were targeted immediately. But my parents wouldn't stand for it. Even when in my senior year when my English teacher separated me from the rest of the class because I asked why I couldn't just type up my report at home instead of their out of date dinosaur computers at school. I was almost kicked out of class and told I couldn't graduate. My awesome parents took care of that. They seem to think they are above everything, that they are the end all when it comes to our children. Unfortunately they couldn't keep my brother from being expelled for hugging a friend who happened to be a girl. By that time they were tired of fighting and moved on instead. I happen to think it is just good parenting and I salute you for it. Keep up the good fight! And this bs about this heart? How absolutely heartless do you have to be? Monsters.