Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Flying Pig Broadcast


I should be writing. Instead, I have been pulled in every other direction in thought than what to write about. Even at this moment, after accomplishing a face that was screaming to be done, I am still thinking about something else for the poppet. Wings. This whole last few days has been nothing but wings, birds, angels, flying pigs. . . no really, go hurry and check out Penelope the flying pig at Pier1! I thought about getting her, she was really a cute little trinket. I just didn't want to stand in line again I guess. And since I have seen a flying pig this week, I figure ANYTHING is possible.

Every once in a while I sit and pour through some of the spell books I acquired in my past and find a working that just seems to fit the bill. Usually I end up altering it a bit to accommodate my Feri perspective, but that's just how it's done. I found myself a few months ago steeped in Valerie Worth and a piece from Victor Anderson. Precisely the working I focused on was enlisting the moon's aid for your own purposes. I kind of hemmed and hawed over how I could make it a piece that felt more like me. I could see how the small quartz sphere would be preferable, but my ideas revolved more about just a visual cue. I don't look at my jewelry as much as I feel it and hear it. I like to fidget with my stones and metals while I am thinking.'

 I was pretty resigned to using a quartz sphere, until I went through the lost collection of jewelry that I have stashed away in a corner. I knew the moment I saw it, that this was the piece to enchant and use for this purpose. It had texture, it was silver, and it made a pleasant sound as it was moved around. Even as I knew that this was the right piece, I still fought with the logical part of my mind that wished to remain true to canon. I kept hunting for that quartz piece and when I found it I knew that I didn't have what I wanted to use in my hand.

I went through and translated the latin to be sure I understood what I was saying, I cleared the jewelry, wrote an appropriate chant for myself to draw the energies close and then I let it sit. It sat for about a month before I had a good idea as to what I would ask of the moon. Sure there are lots of things going on in my life and you would think that picking a subject for the moon to help me in that I would already have a list a mile long. OOOps no. . . I have always been like that . . . Mom: what do you want for your Birthday?? Me: I don't know.

It was good for me to sit and stew. I got to think about what I needed and in what direction and order I would need go to manifest what I desire. I picked up the charm from it's home and charged with the full moon and cast at the new. I did all the things prescribed of the spell's intentions and I would have to say that if it is the moon you wish to call upon for aid, the working Valerie published, even with alterations, is tried and true. I intend to keep the charm alive as it seems to work well. Keep calm, cast on. . . or make poppets. That works too.

This has been your flying pig broadcast.

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