Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fun with facial toner

We think of things like beauty products in such a mundane manner. Lipstick, in the right hands, can be a very potent tool of glamoury and the guarding of ones words. It can easily say I have secrets and mean to keep them. Or even: I know you have secrets and you will tell them to me ;) if you are feeling rather evil dark sidey.

But what about facial toner, I mused as I looked at my bottle of home brew. That would be a circle! A protective action of the skin to close pores so they do not fill with muck! What a perfect thing to do first thing in the morning! Or before a business meeting. Or before dealing with people with or sans coffee.
I splashed it on with a new sense of purpose this morning. Huh the things we do without knowing it.

Here's the recipe for my facial toner. You can alter this with other skin friendly herbs and flowers but this is one I made after coming home from the ocean last summer and missed it so much.

rose petals

4 oz witch hazel
4 oz glass bottle

you will need just one strip broken up a little to fit in the bottle. I put in a sprig of fresh lavender in there, but a tsp will do ya if that's not available to you. Add a few rose petals to your liking and pour the witch hazel over everything to cover. Leave this to sit for a couple weeks in a cool dark corner somewhere and remember to shake periodically. When it is done strain and put in a bottle for use in the bathroom. Use as you would and facial toner.

I wish I had taken pictures of this when it was brewing. It was really beautiful sitting on my dark bathroom counter. *kicks herself in the arse*

I suppose it's time to let you go so you can go ahead and play in your beauty supplies with new eyes.
Have fun!

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