Thursday, February 21, 2013

Throwing stuff on the floor

It's time for a new cup AAAAAND. . . Oscars!

Some people watch the Superbowl; we watch the Oscars like it's a Superbowl event. And it's officially time to make Oscar strew. Yes, I will clean up the house, clear out any etheric goo, and throw stuff on the floor! And leave it there until the next day.

I made up some strew for last year, but forgot to lay it down before the ceremonies and it annoyed me to no end. So this year, I am keeping it in plain sight and ready to go at the drop of a hat. Of course, the only safe place to keep said item is on my daily altar. I am sure little fingers will stir it around as it sits there. Little man on occasion just can't help himself. Who could blame him with all those interesting textures, colors, and smells. Hex, I may even put my pointy, witchy fingers in and stir it around myself.

I like to play around with things from year to year and while I love the recipe I have left on my blog previously while talking strews, I wanted something fresh and different for this year seeing as how I need a new cup anyway. . . new strew too!

Throw away your fancy measuring utilities, wash your hands and dry them well; just use your hands, because as you grab a handful of herbs you're gonna want to focus on it's purpose and of course your gonna use your hands some more to mix it all up while focusing on a happy celebratory vibe for your Oscar viewing pleasure. Of course, I am including a special something something for the great mistress of beauty and the artes: Aphrodite! (p.s.: please don't really throw away your fancy measuring utilities, you'll really want them for something else)

Oscar Strew 2013 Edition

( a modest handful of each as to make enough to sprinkle on your floor)

Rosemary blossoms ( or leaves if you have none) for mental agility and stamina

Calendula as we will also be honoring those in the craft who have passed the veil

Olive leaves for peace of heart

Lavender for calm nerves

Roses for the love of the arte

St John's Wort to avoid any mischief.

And for the Mistress of art and beauty Myrtle leaf

Happy mixing and tossing! Sit back and enjoy the glamouries that are sure to ensue!
Here's a list of the Nominees in case you're interested.


  1. Super huge fan of strewing herbs, myself. I love how they pick up every speck of dust and leave my house feeling clear and refreshed!

    Happy almost-Oscar-time! I love the ceremony too!

  2. I love using stews as the last thing that gets picked up during a Super clean cycle like Spring and Fall. It's like a facial peel for the house energetically and mundanely.

    I may be tweeting as I watch . . . ;) Enjoy the feast of story and glamouries!