Friday, August 31, 2012

A special disgust

I was thinking that it was probably a good thing not only for me, but for the people with big R's by their name, that I ended my subscription to the news paper. At this point, I may have cut out many pictures to go on a curse board with a needle encrusted something or another carved to look like a phallus. A wilted phallus. HOW can a man who claims to love his mother SOOOOOOO freaking much proclaim that RAPE IS A VIABLE FORM OF CONCEPTION? ( Hello Paul, WTF are you smoking because that vile poison should be unmade, not just banned, unmade and fizzled into an oblivion.)  While pregnancy can occur as a result of rape, it does not make the method of that conception acceptable in ANY form. In the days when abortion was banned,  the trauma induced by said conception has been known to drive the pregnant woman to commit suicide! Not that anyone would blame her, in fact there is a whole faction of society who would probably blame the rape on her while we should be teaching DON'T RAPE!

I am beside myself in a rage that leads to a special kind of disgust! A curse worthy kind of disgust. I can hear Malcolm Reynolds mutter about special hells and pretty floral bonnets in the back of my head while Wash practices letting his dino's eat GI Joe action figures. We are not even gonna talk about the fact that Zoe seems to be mysteriously missing along with most of the ship's arsenal and Inara is passing out, liberally, Venus Penis traps.

Rape is a word that should send shudders down your spine just to say regardless of your gender and orientation of sexual preference. Rape is not an acceptable form of ANYTHING!

 DON'T EFFing' RAPE!  



Don't get me wrong. This isn't just aimed at the statement that was made by Mr. Ryan,  Akins said something just as horrific, so have other male upper crust types. It's at epidemic proportions when people feel that it's ok to make jokes about struggle snuggles and say atrocious things in front of a very large televised and largely reported event. It's like something in them is broken and they do not understand vileness of what they are saying. Maybe they are broken. Maybe one of them or one of their friends have committed said atrocities and they are trying to convince themselves that nothing is wrong with rape as a means of conception or just getting some. This is aimed at ANYONE who thinks that rape is a means and method to any end.

The thing is that most of us understand that rape is not about sex. It's about power over and the inducement of terror to attain compliance. It is a wicked ugly beast who should be put down at every turn and scorned by every woman and man as blasphemy. Sex was meant to be a sacred sacrament between two consenting individuals.

Like I said in the beginning of this post, it is probably a VERY good thing that I quit my subscription to the newspaper. My curse picture collection would have been very impressive.


DON'T RAPE! ( or else)


  1. Very well said. Thank you for this.

    I am neither R or D but I have to say to spew something like this is pretty darn horrific no matter who it is coming from. And we're suppose to be just a-okay with this I suppose.

  2. Hear hear! Terrible whats going on, I never thought I would see such backwards thinking and need to dominate the feminine culture in my lifetime.

  3. I think I need to make myself a nice Venus Fly trap Terrarium.