Monday, March 5, 2012

Whaaa. . . .?

I am sort of on a mission. . . Even after ordering the plant, the mission is not accomplished. I had an eyebrow raising moment the other night when I saw patchouli oil listed as being for protection. It just struck me as not quite right. I know, you can go into an aromatherapy book by a certain Mr C and find it in the listings for protection, but none of my experiences reflect that. I have been using patchouli for YEARS and taking notes along the way and I had never used it by itself as something for protection. I have added it as something to encourage grounding and clear thinking to protective oils as I can see how those things are necessary should you find yourself in a situation where protection is needed.

I have gone as far as to list the energetic effects by chakra! No protection to be found. So I am going to do some shamanic plant work and see what the plant has to say. I don't want to be disrespectful to the glorious Mr. C by saying out right that he's wrong, but I think either there is something I am not understanding or there has been an error somewhere.

Here are my chakra notes for patchouli:

1st: strengthens and grounds the individual; rehabilitates deficiencies in the root chakra
2nd: returns the spirituality to sexuality 
6th: soothes an overactive intellect by encouraging tension to leave and quieting the chatter
feet ( special): opens the chakras to reconnect the individual to their physicality and reconnects them to the earth

General: grounding and opening to creativity

And the Witchery will continue! I'll try to be sure to take more notes on what I find when I start working with Ms. Puzzle Thang!

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  1. I have seen it listed in several of my Wicca spellbooks as an oil to use for protection. Like you, I have always found that strange & have never used it in that way. Patchouli will always be a prosperity oil in my workings. In my experience patchouli excels in the area of money and finaces. Looking forward to hearing what the plant tells you. Love you!!!