Monday, March 19, 2012

For the Love of the Fallen Ones

IN the very beginnings of the Book of Enoch we are painted a picture of these beings who were supposed to be the corrupt and sinful of the angelic realm. They were cast down here to this plane and left to lead a barren life. Instead, they chose to take wives of the daughters of men and proceeded to teach them secret things which lead to great consternation according to the book. As I read this more closely I have to ask myself how is it that these being are to blame for the foilables of humanity??? We are as a whole vulnerable to our greeds and desires.

 I have to ask myself why is it that it was considered defiling themselves by taking wives and having sex with them? Sexuality is a sacred gift and trust. If it is done in consent, it can be nothing other than sacred. Period. There has been no crime/ sin here, period. I find it insulting actually, that it is written that " they defiled themselves" by falling in love with humanity and teaching us.

Later the book starts to talk about the great deluge and how it was supposed to eliminate the evils of this place caused by the Fallen Ones and their corrupt teachings. Uhm. . . no. No such cleansing has taken place and I think that if you look through history and the people who inhabit it you will find them just as corrupt as before, which means that it is we who are flawed with or without the teachings of the Fallen Ones. Need further proof? Ok, well, look around you today, forget history!

According to the The Book of Enoch, it is the Fallen Ones who taught us to create tools and weapons of metal, they taught us to read the heavens, speak with the plants, and tap into the magics of enchantment and sorcery. Put in the right hands these skills are invaluable tools of living on this plane and in the wrong hands they are tools of misery and destruction. So whose fault is it that when the Archangels looked down upon the earth and saw great blood shed and misery? It is certainly not the fault of the Fallen Ones that this happened. We make our own choices and sometimes they are not in our best interest or in the interest of those around us. Blaming the Fallen Ones for this seems silly to me. Are we not capable of holding ourselves accountable for our actions? To me that seems like fire is blamed for burning and air is blamed for blowing.

It seems to me that Enoch's understanding of the Fallen Ones is completely based upon the fearful judgements of a Monothiestic system and takes not into account anything that has happened prior to it's coming. What about the Shamans and clergy of ancient tribes that have never even heard the words Christ or Jehovah? Surely the Fallen Ones have spoken to them as well. I am also certain that the very idea of calling them Fallen Ones would raise some dander. Fallen? really? How have they fallen??? Is it possible that the idea of fallen is a misnomer for coming down from the heavens and not as in fallen from grace?

When you look at the idea that the Fallen Ones may have come down from the heavens, the idea that they may have been marooned here springs to the forefronts of my mind because that's just how my brain operates. So when you get marooned somewhere the whole idea of making a new life for yourself seems to be in order. If you are endowed with certain gifts and knowledge, you try to make yourself useful to the indigenous beings and better life conditions. You are also lonely. Of course you are going to try to belong and you are going to want to take on a partner.

It occurs to me that these beings came from a different place and somehow became trapped here. To expect them to live in isolation and loneliness just seems a cruel injustice and to blame them for our foilables even more so. As witches, sorcerers, shamans and healers, we know and work with these beings on a regular basis. We may call them by different names, but the profile seems to be unchanging. I do not accept that they are accursed ones acclaimed in a book of fear.

to be continued I'm sure . . . 


  1. Okay, so indulge my ignorance of the Bible for a moment. As I'm reading the first paragraph, it appears that "those" (Fallen Ones) who did not meet with approval of (who? God?) were "cast into the plane" he supposedly created for us, right? So, logically speaking, he gave us scraps (first) because he considered US to be unworthy too? I thought we were made in HIS image - well, that makes a bit of sense then, God created us to screw up like him. (wink)

  2. I think it may be one of the reasons why it was excluded from the book we now know as the Bible. It is simply too thought provoking. ;)