Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A multi layered adjustment

It has been made very clear to me that things are not in balance with me in my life right now. I have spent the last few months with some sort of cootie or another and even as I type this, walking pneumonia seems to be the term docs are using for it. Oh yea! So, as the moon wanes I am working on digging into myself to help figure out and uncover the how's what's and why's of things and come up with something to restore that balance.

I think that all of this began with the move from the apartment to the house. I have been a non stop run, run, run and some of the things that I used to have time for have either gotten slashed in availability or has fallen off the radar completely. (BAD) I need to adjust things to a better balance and I think I need some other worldly help in tweeking it just right.

 I have dragged out my BOS and dug up some information that I gleaned from my tarot magic. I will be using Oleum of Isolde and my Thoth deck for this as I find that Hecate prefers it's sharpness and dark tones. I pulled out the Adjustment card, because that is precisely what I need to do. This card will become the center of my working.

Here are some things that I have found to work best as accents to using this card. I pass this on to you to use at your discretion as at one point in time or another we all find our selves a bit off kilter. I won't pass the specifics of my personal  ritual simply because it has significance to me because I wrote it. I suggest that you sit down with your self and discover your own idea of how your working should look. It will not only get the magic flowing, it will be most powerful for you.

Justice/ Adjustment: Balance
Incense: sage, copal, cedar
Oils: rosemary, clove, frankincense, rosewood, Oleum of Isolde
Stones: emerald, quartz, turquoise, black tourmaline, hematite
Candle colors: grey, white, sea green, blue

I include ritual in my personal healing for several reasons. I know healing to be something that is more than seeing a doc and taking medicine. True healing is something that happens between body and soul and it cannot be a complete process if you neglect to address all aspects of the illness including the aspects that is more often ignored: the energetic resonances of it. So it's time for this faery shaman to sit down with herself and work on herself even if it means that some things have got to be changed out and readjusted. I have sneaking hunches. It's time to verify them or find out what the real deal is.


  1. Wishing you positive thoughts as you work to balance your life again.

  2. Thank you sweets! I am sure I will get to the bottom of this cauldron and clear out the muck. Your positive thoughts are welcome and appreciated.

  3. Look after yourself Mrs O, sending you lots of love and Yorkshire hugs and hoping you find your equilibrium soon xxx

  4. Nalaya - Having found myself wobbling about, with my "bubble off-center" a few times, I understand your need to re-gain and perhaps re-define your center. All strength and wisdom to you as the Goddess guides you.


  5. Now I'm REALLY beginning to think there is something "going on" which is negatively affecting many of us spiritually. This is now the fifth time in the past couple of days (including my own lack of balance and aching for spiritual connection) that I've heard of this.

    I've personally been battling with this since around All Hallow's Eve 2011 and really aching for a bit of relief, myself. In fact, I posted about it today in my post, "Dimensional Shift or Delusional Wish?".

    Sending my brightest blessings to you in your journey!