Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jezebel's Revenge

Jezebel is walking, 
She's looking for her bones.
She's clawed her way through rotten pages,
Her story still undone.

With the howling dogs who gnawed her down,
She's walked out of the book.
On the trails of lies and names,
Her shadowed half light flows.

You who call her harlot
You who throw her down
You who spin the tales and lies
To tame for you your wives

For every name you call her 
A bone from you she'll take
With gnashing teeth and pulling hair 
She'll simply just keep taking

When once upon a time dare come
The blind fold's ripped away
You'll see her there, that Jezebel,
And she'll look just like you.

Jezebel, she walks tonight
She's reclaiming all her bones.