Sunday, November 21, 2010

Unwelcome Visitor

Rule number one: do not panic.

Rule number two: get rid of it!

Rule number three: see rule number one.

Well apparently while hubby and I were sick, we attracted a wee bit of a nasty. No problem. Now that I am feeling better and pulling back my energy reserves I picked up on it. What do you do? Simple. start with a reasonably clean house. Make sure garbage isn’t overflowing, sweep and vacuum, pick up and put away any clutter. Then start in on the clearing.

I usually use a smudge for general clearing purposes but for something I know to be in the house I pull out the gang buster. It’s a mix I call “bridge over troubled water” because surely anything that cannot contain itself on it’s own light is indeed troubled. It’s a mix of powdered herbs to exorcise any negative energies and entities. You can easily make your own, there are several magic herb books with great ideas. You can also get great ideas on the net.

I like to rattle out any ‘stuck’ energies so that when I smudge everything is loose and ready to be shooed out. I pay extra attention any part of the house that seems to be heavy or cold or thick. After I smudge out the house, I go through with all the elements and call in their blessings. You don’t leave a vacuum for just anything to fill. After sacred space is clearly re established I call in divinity, my divinity of choice in this case would be Mari. After the blessings and protection of divinity has been called in I seal everything with my ancestors oil and call upon their love and protection. I trace pentacles on all door thresholds and window sills to further the magick seal. the final move is to re create my energetic bubble around my entire home to keep the space free of anything that may be curious ( and negative) from taking up residence. Tonight after t he house is still I will be leaving out a dish of milk and honey for the little ones who come to visit. Sound easy? It is.

The worst thing you can do if you feel there is something in your house causing trouble is to panic and be afraid. The second worse thing you can possibly do is do nothing about it. These entities feed on your fear, in fact, the more noxious ones will cultivate fear for them to feed on. I’m sure you can imagine how nasty that can get.

This is your space, you live here, you are in power. Use it.

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