Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rolling Eyeballs. . .

A couple of years ago I went to a local witches meet up. It was held in a bookstore and we all sat around in a circle with a cauldron full of questions. We each took a turn answering the question, which was at the moment, do your spirit guide give you direct answers? Most of the people there answered along the vein of no not really they seem to ask more questions and let me come to my own conclusion. At least until it came to a friend of mine: she began to mention her experience in trance.

Immediately everyone in the circle, with the exception of myself, began to roll their eyes. No one really wanted to hear what she had to say. It contradicted everything they thought they knew and therefore this woman's information couldn't possibly be anything other than gobble-de-gook. I was a little insulted and haven't been back since.

I bring this up now because I want to discuss the fact that not one tradition, one line within a tradition or even one witch can possible know and understand everything there is to know about the craft. What I know in the craft has taken me at least one life time to attain. Even with that stated, I believe I have been helped along by some past life memories that have risen up in dreams and trance experiences. I have also been helped along by listening to those with differing experiences. I have also been helped along my path by those who are no longer incarnate here and those who have never been here. Most importantly I have accepted that I do not know everything.

I do have to agree that there are those out there who are either full of themselves or just full of that which smells like cow patty or even worse. . . out to make a buck by selling out a tradition. There are those who will deliberately misguide you to throw you off track or to make themselves 'King of the Mountain.' You can still listen to them respectfully without rolling your eyeballs. This is where you ability to discern truth comes into play. If it is flat out lie, you must then decide whether it is beneficial or not to correct them or if arguing with fools is all that will happen. We all know what happens when you argue with fools. If you smell fool, the best thing to do is politely excuse yourself and walk away. No need to give the fool ammunition by making yourself look like a donkey's behind.

I have noticed that there seems to be a long tradition of 'witchier than thou' that runs around between lines and traditions. I think it is unnecessary. You don't need to say anything to convey power. You don't need to roll eyeballs to discern and express the 'truthieness' of a statement. Silence, I have found, is the most potent tool in your witch box. The only time where silence does not serve anyone well is when there is an immediate danger posed by lies, deception, vile deeds done in the name of witchdom. When these things come about, and they have, you can correct these things without betraying your tradition and fellow witches.

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