Thursday, November 7, 2013

Suffer not the company of fools

The Tower Card has been making a very clear point. Suffer not fools. It's been a painful lesson to be sure. There have been people whom I have had to leave on the ground in the heap which they fell. Most of whom have been the type of person who fights to fight, deliberately misinterprets your words and intentions, and uses their personal biases and issues as a weapon against others. I have had experience with this sort before. This particular person would stir up the shit to get me all emotionally worked up in what ever manner possible and then feed on that energy leaving me a husk to sort out later. It took me a while to figure this out, but I did and moved on. Well as you would have it, the Universe sometimes does a pop quiz.

I was uncertain that it was happening at first so I spoke to my Matron Goddess to get some advise and clarity on the situation. She gave me a technique to work to keep the cords from coming back. She then stepped back to see what I would do. It was the same couple of frequencies, meaning the same two people. One of them just kept coming and it was astonishing when I followed it home. I was very disappointed to say the least.  I thought that by being gentle with this person I could move around and block the tendrils that grabbed at me. I spent a bit of time gently dodging, but this person was having no of gentle and I was always exhausted after the dodge ball game. I know that I have a tendency to err waaaaay over on the other side of Oh I am being paranoid. The situation generally gets to a level of ugly that is undeniable before I act and then the real ugly comes out. Well it's ugly out there.

There are reasons why witches should choose their company carefully and sift out the obvious fools:

1) dabblers grabbing at power: dangerous to both parties
2) sabotage: will try to sink you to suit their ego
3) easily filled with fear: fearful people do frightful things
4) Control freak: help you with one hand and smack you with another to keep you in line. They will frequently tell you what you shouldn't do.
5) fighting to fight: these people don't care about facts, feelings, or anything else other than the energy they stir up to feed upon. There is always a fight and you are always exhausted after.
6) Drama Queens and Kings: attention getting buggers who use their issues as a bludgeon against everyone including their family and friends and then attack you for your lack of compassion when you no longer put up with their bullshit. They aren't always psy vampires, but they are exhausting. Every ounce of your attention must be on them or the world is ending and you must agree with every word that comes out of their mouth or they cannot abide by your company. These types generally take care of themselves.
7) Demagogues: very dangerous sort of fool. They are usually intelligent and have an agenda. They will try to squish you if you oppose them. Bring out the big guns on these guys because WOW.
8) Liars: to get a working from you on their behalf they will tell you only what they want you to hear and lie about the rest to get even with someone else. This is one reason why divination is important before doing a working on behalf of someone else.
9) Bad advisers: sometimes out of the goodness of their hearts they give you completely and totally bad advise and direction then sometimes add: I'll pray for you.

I am certain there are denizens of fool types I am missing, but I am certain you get the idea.

Witches are not the only people who have problems with these types, but they present special problems for us seeing as how beloved we are to society and all. They drain us of vital energy and take our attention away from what is really important. I know that there is an Audrey Hepburn quote about not throwing people away, but I don't see this as throwing people away. I see it as letting them go else where. Be aware to not call these types friend. You may not be able to avoid them completely but you can avoid letting them into your inner circle. Alas, sometimes you find someone you have already let in is a complete fool. . .  distance distance distance. The only thing here I can recommend is a bit of graceful avoidance. Make it about you. Your plate is full, you have to take care of yourself, etc etc etc. However be warned: there are those who will claw at you and keep poking at you to get a reaction or an apology or any other piece of energy from you while they can. The really insidious ones will attack you verbally and emotionally and maybe physically to prevent you from taking away their food supply of your energy. These types are difficult and painful to extract.

At this point in time, I have decided that everyone else I meet in real life from this time forward will be screened even more heavily before I decide to tell them I am a witch. Like it should really matter at all or anything, but I am also aware that I could be setting myself up for more disappointment when someone decides they don't want to be friends with a witch and I am already emotionally invested in the relationship. Risks risks risks. It's the way of the world and I guess I have chosen mine.

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