Monday, December 17, 2012


We, my husband and I,  put our children on school buses this morning with a smiling facade, especially for our kindergartener who knows nothing of what evil has transpired. We plan on keeping it that way for as long as we can get away with it. I suppose, fortunately for me, that I have already established a certain quirk in the morning as I am waving good bye to a bus full of children. If I had not already started, this incident would have sparked the practice. As the bus is pulling away with all our precious ones settled aboard, I draw a pentacle over it and whisper to the Gods for the blessings of protection from all harm. I been given looks that vary from quizzical to mockery for my actions. These things do not concern me and are more a reflection of other individuals rather than that of myself. This morning I added a request: that this blessing includes healing and that all who come in contact with those on this bus also receive this blessing. Stones in the pond causing ripples is the effect I am looking for.

There was a list of names that floated by me. It was hard looking at the numerals behind the names and I felt infinitely grateful that my children's names were not on that list. I keep thinking of someone I know whose job it is to be the school police officer for 6 six schools and how she would have felt if this happened at one of her schools, on her watch. I have a feeling her city will be finding more officers to help her out in the wake of this.

And in the wake of this, we are having dialogues about gun control, mental illness management, and why????? We as a nation *yes, this includes you, lawmakers* emphasize and enact the words sensible, compassionate, and practical as we create new foundations for things like addressing the legislation of weapons and mental health management. I think the most important thing we all need to remember is this: if someone is seeking to do violence, they will find the method and means to carry it out. The children in China, who were attacked around the same time as our children, were assaulted with a knife not a gun. We need to move deliberately, thoughtfully, and effectively. We need to make sure not to have a knee jerk reaction that will set the pendulum swinging wildly.

Right now, all I can think of doing that is practical is to send reiki; a whole blanket of it to cover and comfort everyone. I also am in the process of making little protection/ comfort pocket charms for the little ones immediately around me. I have not decided whether they will be the stars or mushrooms from Mario Bros. but either way, they will be stuffed with the leaf and blossoms of lavender * harvested on a Wed. in the hour of Mercury. Am I going too far here???*

Newtown, may all your roads lead to healing and hope. I am heartbroken and heartsick for your loss. I hope that, should you decided to open up Sandy Hook again,  you call in a Holy Person or dozen to bless her. One of the things I have learned about buildings is that they develop a personality and have hearts. Sandy Hook is surely shattered and grieving. Holes have been punched into her on many different planes.

Be healed.
Be blessed.
Be well.