Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Burn fornicators of mothers, burn!!!!!

@ShakespeareSong ( thank you for this gem!) :
The ceiling, the ceiling, the ceiling is ablaze. We require no water, allow the fornicator of mothers to burn. 

NO relationship is a perfect one and my relationship with my husband is no exception to that rule. We had a fight, it's the same fight as usual only every time we have it, the heat gets cranked up. I am honestly hoping that time will prove that this last incursion yields positive results and understanding. Admittedly the whole thing was ugly, messy, and brutal. I am physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted, but there was work that HAD to get done.

I cannot allow the energy and stink of the fight to linger in my home. You got it SMUDGE!!!! I pulled out the last of my mugwort smudge and lit it. I passed it over myself and could feel a tingle run through my crown charka and trickle down my spine clearing everything as it went. I started at the hearth of the home and moved around the house in a widdershins manner once I was clear.

The thing that caught my attention was how hot the smudge started burning as I approached the places in the house where the heavy arguing took place. I have seen smudges burn like gangbusters before, however not quite in this manner. I thought my smudge was not only going to combust into full living flames, I thought it might pop and explode everywhere. I'm not surprised, just fascinated.

There was so much smoke being released into my home I thought for sure the smoke alarm was going to protest. Not a beep from the incense zealot was heard! (more surprise) The end result was a decision to let the smudge just burn. . . ALL OF IT. I'm feeling better, the house is feeling better. As it turns out, I think the house itself does not like it when my husband and I fight about as much as the kids don't. I could hear it's protests deep into the dark hours of the morning as I tossed on the couch. It creaked and groaned miserably. I have had a while to listen to my house in the night when all is silent and usually things are not nearly as noisy with house sounds like they are after an argument. Last night, the house was much more vocal than usual and I took it as a sign that She will require some TLC the Kekri season while I clean her up. I have yet to decide/ divine what exactly that is but I am open to suggestions I guess.

I don't have Mugwort growing in my garden, however I have wormwood, not quite the same but it will yield the results I really need: healing and protection. I harvested some that was overgrowing ( a hair cut was needed anyway) and wrapped them up to be hung and dried for later use. It will be interesting to feel the energy variant as the new smudges are used, but that's another day's musing. I just know after last night's verbal incursion with hubby, that I cannot be left with out an artemisa smudge and the current one simply had to burn, baby, burn!


  1. I'm sorry you had a fight, but I'm glad you were able to clear so well. Now, why didn't I think to make an artemisia bundle from my plant before I moved? Ah, because I couldn't bear to harvest any.

  2. Ah yes I have those pangs of not wanting to cut on a plant either, but I solved that with a viridarium dust to help boost the plant energetically.

  3. Sorry to hear your husband and you had a fight. Well maybe not...hope you or your readers not thinking I'm mean or anything like that.
    My husband and I also every so often have a fight. To me that mean we try to communicated with each other but there is time we don't do so well in communicated area, lease we try.

    I've never thought of doing smugging to my self. I haven't even thought of casting a spell that would turn hubby is to mouse so the cats can chase him around for

    Well I haven't yet tried to grow either one of those herb but been looking though some garden seed catalog which I receive recently in the mail.

    A short little note..I know couple who don't disagree. I feel sorry for there relationship and end up having a dead end marriage even if they stick it out.

    Coffee is on.

  4. Love you dearly, sweet Alpha warrior Fey! We are on the fast track now toward a major astral shift in consciousness that will finalize on the 21st. It has been making life hell all year for many of us as it painfully burns away the old way of doing things that no longer works for us. Make way for the new, precious Fey sister. It's gonna be GLORIOUS!!! Love you!! xoxoxoxo!!