Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sorry, I have been witchnapped by the Gods of Samhain.

My life has literally been dumped upside down. I don't think I am minding the fact that everything seems to be in chaos mode. . . I mind the interactions I am having with docs that range from oh you're a hysterical woman you didn't have a heart attack to here lets take a bagillion gallons of blood and do all the wrong tests to find out what ISN"T wrong with you. I feel like the docs are all on a fishing expedition to find out what meds they can sell to me. The only doc I have not had a negative response to is my cardiologist who has patiently listened to what I had to say and looked at everything objectively without invalidating my experience. I am still waiting to hear back from him about my echocardiogram, but I knew that was gonna be the case. I am a bit worried that since it almost a month after the event now that there will be little evidence for an endocrinologist to interpret with any test they may want to do * of course involving more gallons of donated blood.* Are you sure vampires don't exist?  Me either.

I would like to say thank you to all of those who have been sending me healing. I am literally floored with how many of you stepped forward when I announced my health issue. I never expected any of that and I am immeasurable grateful for all of your efforts and most especially your love.

So, as usual, The Gods of Samhain came to get me. It was a bigger witchnapping this year. I have a temporary reprieve, but I know there is work on my desk that is demanding my attention. It's a good thing I love what I do. This seems to be the time of year where I sort of fall off the blogging. There is literally so much going on for me in my private practice that I seem to get swallowed up by it and my family life. It's not a bad thing. It just is. The best way to get a hold of me is through the evils of Book of Face and Twitter.

But hopefully, I'll be making it up to you. I received Georgi Mishev's Thracian Magic Past and Present. I have been able to peek through it, but as the Samhain season has geared up, I have found no time to sit and really read it as I wish too. So After Samhain, I will be sitting down and soaking in this book and doing a whole lot of talking about it here from a personal perspective. However, I get the feeling that my ancestors from that region would like to have some words with me before I do this.

It's gonna get interesting over here.

Everybody ground.

Oh and one more thing:
check  out Samhain Sirens! There is still time!


  1. Heal soonest & enjoy the rollercoaster ride!

  2. Hope things works out for you soon...Coffee is on.