Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Tale to be Told by Graveyard Dirt

I whacked my head this morning trying to ignore the approaching day. Not hard enough to leave a goose egg or anything, but quite enough to leave me with a bit of a throbbing sensation that keeps saying this is real. It is Samhain and the rabbit hole only gets darker and deeper here. Since my heart decided to ambush me a few weeks ago nothing has made a whole lot of sense. It's like Once Upon a Time fell into Wonderland and everything has been warped and skewed since. . . complete with a hidden Wicked Queen! I tell you it's surreal. There may be a Wicked Queen involved, but that usually means that there are hidden allies also afoot.

 Mike showed up the other morning in that special place between waking and dreaming. I don't have that painful twinge when he shows up anymore. I don't think it has anything to do with the fact that I don't miss him here or not. It's more like a moment where I can actually see him. I know he's there and seeing him brings a smile. What made me stop in my tracks was the fact that he immediately started giving me directions on where to take graveyard dirt from and how much. Even the coalescing clouds in the sky today are contriving a way to make my task easier. I don't think those are directions any witch can afford to ignore. It has definitely peaked my curiosity. Even more so since no one is "talking" so to speak.

I feel like we have invoked the Delay Fish and Wild Chasing Goose with the doctors. The results are not explaining what happened to me a few weeks ago. In fact, there are few remaining signs that anything at all happened, which speaks volumes about energetic healing therapies. I still have to take an echocardiograph on the 16th, but only because the cardiologist couldn't see anything on my second EKG. As opposed to the first EKG, this one showed that everything was good and normal. Thank you for all of the reiki and healing you have all sent my way. I am grateful. However there are things that the docs want to look at. It's weird how these things come up. I'm still wondering how my heart got all tangled up in this, but the facts remain. I am at the docs because of it and now we are finding things that need a closer look. Not sure how long I want to play that game. I'm not notoriously good at Doc taming.

A murder of crows showed up few days ago. They hung out in a tree down the block that suspiciously looks like it could be a Yew. You can't miss the tree or the crows when they show up. The tree has this part of it that is bald and it sticks out like it says everyday is Halloween for me with a wicked little wink. The crows sat there and squawked like they were trying to get my attention and as soon as they had it, they fell silent and just stared at me. There is a part of me that thinks I should have been spooked out. There are a lot of things that have recently occurred that should have spooked me all sorts of out of whack. I think the phrase I'm a bit spooked that I am not spooked comes to mind with every turn of the sun and moon these days.

I am watching the clouds roll in wondering what role I am to play in the coming mash up faery tale that has dropped into my lap. Got my graveyard dirt payment and offering to the graveyard itself ready. . . later I go and dig up some dirt and see what it has to say about the future castings that are certain to happen. I mean really all this magic chore whoring I have felt compelled to do has a purpose yet to be unfolded. Every step has felt guided and shimmers with the wicked gleam of an inside joke yet to be told. Everything sings the moment is soon. . . there is a part of me that knows and agrees, but most of me feels the impatient two year old within stamping its feet demanding to know why it can't know what it doesn't understand. I suppose only the Graveyard Dirt will tell the tale.

if anyone has any good recommendations for an account that will allow me to post a photo online from my phone so I can use it online for what ever social media I feel like are most welcome right about now. Thank you ;)


  1. Wow, Nalaya, that is just awesome. Crows are my messengers from The MorRhiogan.. they are also known protectors of witches. How interesting that Mike led you right to the specific graveyard dirt you were supposed to have! I'm glad your heart is better. I miss you tons!! <3

  2. Love the posting...We have quite a few Raven around here. When I see them and or when they squawk comes to mine is "Never More Leanor" But recently a maggie Pie Bird Showed up.

    Coffee is on.