Monday, December 12, 2011

Possession, Demons and Exorcism part 1

This subject cannot be discussed in full in one post. So, I will be breaking it up into several posts. I promise you I will discuss this thoughtfully in full. It is fearful subject here on this page. I may even get frowns from certain quarters. Possessions, exorcisms, demons and the reasons they squat within. I guarantee you that it's not Harry Potter's fault. The reason for possession lies within the individual. It is something that most spiritual people will tell you that only you can hunt down and command.

I am not going to say that demons do not exist or that they are a figment of your imagination. However, I will say that not all demons have their origin from the outside world. Some of them are created by the possessed. In fact, a majority of them are. These internal beasts are generally created during a time when there is no real command of your own life as a self defense mechanism. Childhood issues are generally the dominant sector in this phenomenon.

These demons created out of self defense as a child do not leave you when you grow up. You must go within, hunt them down, and face them or they can and will manipulate your life in a manner that suits them. You must in a sense become your own exorcist. This is something that my tradition teaches. We must learn to recognize our demons and dispatch them properly before anything else larger can happen. Before we can commune with our Gods fully, our skills as an "exorcist" must be strong. A skilled exorcist has one sole requirement: confidence in their faith.

In my tradition, we don't call it exorcism. It's actually closer to shamanism. We don't just purge the internally born demon. We find out why it came about and why it is currently acting up. We thank it for it's original intent, heal it and ultimately, reintegrate it back into our personality. That is all it is after all, a splintered off piece of our personality and being. Shamans most frequently call this soul loss.

As far as possession as defined by the Catholic Church is concerned, these outside demons come in because they were invited by the residing demon. Demons are like people in the manner that they like to have friends over to party. These demons find a vacancy light on and they are attracted by it. They sit within and gain power over time. Most don't even recognize that this event has occurred until a crisis point has been reached. This is the point when people cry out to the Catholic Church for help because they feel as though they have been stripped of power to deal with the situation and they are overwhelmed with fear.

I think this is where the Church has does humanity a great disservice. They had made people to bow and turn their Gods given power over to an outside entity. People have been saddled with the belief that their relationship to the divine must be facilitated by a qualified priest and that they have no direct contact with God. Therefore, any demon that may attack them must be handled by a qualified person.

Demons are not necessarily evil. They just are. Demons do what demons do because it is in their nature to do so, sort of like ticks and leeches. Demons are not invited by the reading of Harry Potter or any other thing that the Church feels to be objectionable. They ride on our beings because we have made it easy for them to do so. The reason for the outbreak in possessions in this modern time is because we as a people are under immense amount of stress coupled by the fact that most of us have not dealt with our own personal demons that have haunted us since childhood. It is a truth of the situation. The whole Satanic Panic of the late 70's and 80's was based upon the fact that we were under a whole bunch of economic and personal pressure and the dominant religion of the time swore up and down  that we were under attack by the devil and his legion of demons. Well they were sort of right. . . but for the wrong reasons.

I feel that if you are going to train exorcists, you should at least have the understanding of why these things REALLY happen and not spout some dogmatic mumbo jumbo designed to retain power for the elite.

So I ask you: how are you going to command and master yourself?

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