Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Making friends with backward

Yesterday felt like a silent magic day from the moment I cracked my eyes open to the dark room. Normally, I would have settled into the ritual of blogging, hearth chores, then magic chore whoring, but I kept feeling a tug to do other things.

While setting up to bless the harvest that I have finally called over ( it has officially hit freezing temperatures at night ), my mind kept turning inward to the last few weeks. Every odd thing that happened, movies, music and imagery that I had witnessed wove a telling tale about what I am doing right now with my ancestor research. Everything in those silent moments fell into synch and I began to realize that this is the right thing to be doing for me and I am indeed on the right track. I even received a phone call from my Oath Mother who reminded me that I do indeed have someone out there who could help me with things should I get stuck on something or need help filling in the pieces with my ancestry, their mythology, and fairy tales. I may drop him a line later and ask pretty please.

I could feel the lines being drawn between the scattered dots into the crooked path I know it to be. . . sometimes that path even circles on itself, but not this time. I got a very clear picture of what I need to do and accomplish in the near future. I could even feel my Grandfather standing by my side with his silent, observing eyes focused forward and his head nodding the entire time.

I was glad that I took Mercury's cue and held my silence at the end of the day. I stared out into the night sky and let everything wash over me. I had learned so much in that time and spent most of the day with the journal open making random scribbling about what had happened and what I thought about it. Actually, I think it was more of all the little lessons coming together from the last few weeks coming together to make a larger point.

Maybe, just maybe, I am learning to make friends with Mercury's backward dance.


  1. Awesome post and pictures! You drew me in and made me feel exactly what your words were saying. Hugs!!

  2. This retrograde has been odd for us. Usually I don't realize Mercury is in retrograde until LoverFace and I have had our 15th argument of the day. It's usually a really rough time for our relationship, but this time it seems to be strengthening our relationship. he is so much more receptive than usual too. I hope the rest of the retrogrades are like this one :)