Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A binding in the freezer!

As most of us who any basic understanding of astrology know Cancers tend to be very moody people indeed! Well there is a Cancer in my family. Not only is he moody, he tends to be on the explosive side when the chips are down with getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar is concerned. Well he got caught red handed this time. I was really not looking forward to his reaction to his punishment so the magic came out!

I know, gasp all you want O_o, I whipped out the magic stuff on my kid. And a soft binding to boot! I just figured he is well past the age where he needs to put on his big boy boxers and deal with himself. He'll be seventeen in July and this whole no self accountability thing has gotten me way past irked! Time to learn how to be a man.

On a square piece of paper. . . yes square, the shape was important, I wrote his name in beautiful handwriting. Equilateral sides talk about being even, as in being square in a deal and square with yourself and having everything squared away. I folded the paper upon itself thrice to balance the three voices that we all have within ourselves: positive, neutral and negative. I wanted him to really think about what he had done and to accept his punishment with grace.

I took a plastic ziploc baggie put this piece of paper in it, and filled the bag with water. With the bag in both hands I whispered in it that I love him and want him to grow up to be a fine man who not only knows right from wrong but can act upon it. I then added a few drops of my Oleum of Tristan oil for extra oomph in the integrity department. Finally, I put the bag in the freezer so that cool heads prevail when the moment of delivering the punishment is at hand.

I am happy to report that my son took his punishment with grace. Not a single protest or snide remark. He even showed humility with apologies for his misdeeds. I am very proud of him, but his behind will remain in the freezer until he is done with his punishment!

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