Friday, April 1, 2011

Beltane in April? Update

It's blown up all over the place and with Big Mama doing her dance of late it was on a matter of time that all of those very large earthquakes made their mark on the axial tilt of the planet. At first I thought I had wax in my ears as I was listening to the news when they mentioned that scientists had confirmed the planet had finally tilted enough to change the seasonal timing. So I listened to it again. . . technology rocks. Nope, I heard right they actually said that! So being big on following the season not a calendar, I went to work and noted that it would put Beltane in April around the 18th if I'm not mistaken.

If Beltane is effected that mean that the whole solar year wheel has been shifted including beloved Samhain. Now this makes things a little dicey for the Feri clan. Most of us do not even celebrate Samhain until the first week of November. I guess for us, that means we will have to go with the actual 31st if we're following the veil.

Astrologers have been mentioning that something like this would be happening soon. Also citing that their would be an emergence of a thirteenth member of the zodiac. I have heard names such as Chiron and Ophiuchus bandied around, but I still remained in doubt about their predictions until the news mentioned the scientists theory as to why things have been so wonky weather wise of late. Plain and simple: the earth tilted as a result of all of the very large earth quakes. Or did the quakes happen because of the tilt. It's sort of hard to tell sometimes which is the cause and which is the effect. Only Big Mama knows for certain which is which and we have to live with what ever she does. So re mark your calendars to fit Her new schedule.

April Fools!!!


  1. This is simply remarkable. I think as an eclectic it doesn't matter as much, but I wonder what it means for those with more dogmatic traditions, like Wicca?


  2. Great Post thank you:D
    The only constant is change, and i suppose that we will restructure our mythologies to celebrate the actual tides of nature in due course...
    thought you might also enjoy my Beltane Blessing machinima film
    Bright Blessings
    elf ~

  3. Celestial Elf thank you for posting that I'll be checking it out.

    Fire Lyte. I think the more dogmatic ones will probably stick to the dates, there m ay be others who are more attuned to shifts as they occur and will probably find themselves drawn into the new shift.

  4. Thank you, Fire Lyte, for including me in the fun!